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Purchase your PlayCare and Fitness Class Package here! This package includes 10 1-hour Fitness Classes and 10 1.5-Hour sessions of PlayCare at your discounted rate ($20 per 1.5 hour session)!


Package must be used within 3 months of purchase! Packages are freezable (if you will be out of town or will not be using the service) and you may rollover any unused hours into a new package.

Please keep in mind reservations must be made with Ms. Laura ( 48 hours in advance and are subject to our 24-hour cancellation policy and space availability. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance are subject to forfeiture. Bookings have a minimum of 1.5 hours and maximum of 3 hours per session.

Be sure to fill out your PlayCare questionnaire and sign all forms before attending PlayCare so we may get to know more about you and your child to better tailor our programming.


Packages must be used at your discretion within 3 months of purchase! Packages may be frozen (when you will not be using the classes) and unused classes may be rolled over with the purchase of another package.

Please keep in mind, all reservations for fitness classes must be made at least 48 hours in advance through Anais (, and are subject to space availability. Please wait for a confirmation that the class will be moving forward and that your enrollment was accepted! If your enrollment is rejected for any reason, you will keep a credit to use towards enrollment in another class.

All classes are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. All cancellations made less than 24 hours before class start will forfeit the funds for that class.

Fitness + PlayCare Package

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