Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beeplanet's campus like? What activities can we enjoy?

Located in Temescal Canyon Park, Beeplanet offers a beautiful Indoor/Outdoor campus with a variety of activities for you and your child to enjoy. Activities change  each week, and vary by class and age group but the rhythm and flow stay the same. We begin with indoor play with a rich variety of manipulatives and later move into outdoor play where we will explore our natural surroundings through sports, hikes, discovery and art. We have story time during snacktime to spark your child's imagination then bubbles, music, instruments and lots of stickers! You are always welcome to trial!

Where can I park for classes?

There are 3 Parking Options:

  1. Beeplanet Parking Pass: You may purchase a parking pass from Beeplanet for $5/week. This option is recommended for all Parent & Me.
  2. Daily Parking Pass: $10/day. Parking passes are available throughout the park at the kiosks. 
  3. Street Parking: You may find parking on Sunset Blvd. and Temescal Canyon Road. Walking time to Beeplanet's campus is roughly 15 minutes.

What are my payment options?

Beeplanet accepts cash, checks, and credit card. Checks may be made out to Beeplanet for classes, and to Laura Berk for parking. If you choose to pay with credit card, there will be a small processing fee of 3%. Beeplanet runs on a quarterly schedule.

What kinds of restroom and changing facilities are available?

Beeplanet has a changing table and potties in the classroom, and there is a standard bathroom adjacent to cabin 1 near the green gates. Beeplanet keeps extra wipes at the campus, but we suggest bringing your own supplies. 

What is Beeplanet's rainy day policy? What about make-ups?

On rainy days, Beeplanet holds class indoors. Parking is uptop by classrooms. No blocking bathrooms or main access road. Beeplanet allows for make-up classes if your child is ill or cannot come to class. Make-ups can be done during the active session, and expire when a new session begins. We ask that you and/or your child stays home if ill to preserve the health of others. 

Can I bring a guest? A sibling? Nanny?

Beeplanet welcomes spouses, grandparents, and other guests; we just ask that you request permission!


A caretaker may only replace a parent in a Parent & Me class with permission from Ms. Laura. If a caretaker wishes to take a parent's place in the classroom during our Parent & Me classes, please inform the caretaker that he/she must sign all forms of responsibility for your child.


Siblings are welcome to visit with permission. Wednesday afternoon is also a class for siblings.

The Playschool is a perfect transition for those children that are too young to attend Preschool but are energetically & emotionally ready. Or for those children who are of age for Preschool; but not yet emotionally ready. Beeplanet provides a loving 2:1 ratio and reliable structure to meet the needs of both of these groups of children. Each season we grow! First emotionally by separating, then developmentally & socially and finally mentally as we learn to be good stewards of the earth by meeting some of the animals & outdoor creatures, flowers and trees that are all friends of Beeplanet in the park. Beeplanet is a generous, loving  gift that makes going to Preschool a breeze. because you practiced.

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