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Where Are Beeplanet Camps?

Bee Camps are nestled inside a private campus within Temescal Canyon Gateway Park in the Pacific Palisades. Well hidden, Bee Camps are surrounded in nature, wonderment & beauty. A secure home for children to play in while feeling safe to explore, meet new friends, discover new ideas, and play outdoors! 




31/2 -5+ year olds



 51/2 - 6+ year olds



ROUTINE. At Beeplanet your child will find comfort in the reliable rhythm and flow of our camp day enjoying both inside and outside activities in their own way within our multi-sensory routine. Please visit the Camp Details page to learn more about our daily structure, separation policy, parking and more. The Rhythm is the same but the activities change each day to grow, excite and delight!


EACH DAY IS Filled WITH WONDERMENT! Bee Campers will experience a diverse, exciting, program that grows each day upon the next weaving delightful surprises within the same play routine. Each week we will turn on our imaginations and set off to explore different cultures, Outer space, Pirates and Snow Queens. We will indulge in all the Expressive Arts: Dancing, Stories, Art, Music, and more to add to the excitement.  Lots of Outdoor Physical activities like Scootering, Hiking, Sports, Splash & Play and Tinkering in our Forest will use up lots of energy! And to top it off, we also learn up close about the Animals that are native to the Temescal Canyon Park when Molly comes to visit from Nature of Wildworks.


SUPERVISION. Bee Camp provides an opportunity for children to be curious, to learn responsibility, and to feel comfortable to be themselves. Our 3:1 ratio ensures that your child always has a hand, or a lap, or a hug!  We have very few discipline issues given the ratio but we do engage and use Redirection, Supervision, and lots of Coaching if a child shows signs of hurting themselves, someone else or the environment. Beecamp is a family and we understand how important it is to maintain a feeling of trust as well as a really good time! 


OUR TEACHERS are diverse and comprised of a very talented group of professional dancers, actors, educators, musicians and artist. We work as a group and our talents compliment the energy and interest of the campers. Everyone at Beeplanet loves to play, has great energy and has been vetted  to secure the safety of your children. 


HEALTH. We are following COVID regulations by having all the adults wear masks at all times, regular temperature screenings, washing hands and all indoor outdoor common touch surfaces as well as all toys. We are limiting the size of the pods to 4 children at a time so that there is plenty of space and choices for the children to explore safely.

BEECAMP  is a multi-sensory camp which introduces theater, expressive arts, music, singing and more in a very delightful way! We also enjoy all the outdoor activities as well as scootering and hiking! Themes through out the year follow the Seasons as well as the Theater story of the week to coordinate art activities and adventure hikes.


CAMPLANDIA is a  Musical Theater Camp for 51/2- 6+ year olds. Hosted by a talented group of experienced educators & artist with over 15 years of experience with school age children. Kathie Gibboney is the Mastermind Theater Storyteller, Drummer Ben from Village Arts finds our rhythm,Tia from Quacker Tunes lifts our voices & Dancer Genna makes us move to our feelings and find our characters deep within. Beeplanet indoor and outdoor activities add to the mix with A Friday performance to allow the Camplandia Actors to shine!



1:00-4:00 MWF



March- June


Hippity Hoppity Performance

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