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Beeplanet PlaySchool




Welcome to Beeplanet's Playschool 


We think of Beeplanet as a magical place to grow your child's curiosity and confidence to make new friends, learn new ideas, discovery a world outside of yours and feel safe to just be. 


At Beeplanet’s Playschool your child will quickly become accustomed to the daily activities and routines that gently guide them throughout the day allowing them to relax and trust their teachers lead. In time they will adapt to the Beeplanet rhythm and be able to enjoy, learn and finally explore on their own. It's very exciting to watch them grow and own the space!


Playschool provides Outdoor Centers & Indoor Sensory Rooms to explore.

Watering the garden to Making Volcanos to Mud Kitchen duties or needing to Build a Moat to Float a Boat start our mornings with big gross motor energy to get the body going! It takes Teamwork! Then we focus our minds on individual challenges with Archery or Magnetic Darts to focus our aim or making a Basket or Soccer Goal. Art is another wonderful way to narrow our focus towards finer movements thru painting, dabbing or dotting as we daily add to the process to reveal an individual  masterpiece at the end of the week. Water Discovery & Outdoor Stump Activities also fill the space....Its a big open space completely gated and tree lined! Ideal to just play and play and play!

A Shift to the Indoor & Outdoor Sensory Rooms allows a quieting of our big energy into a more curious, conversational exploration time together to learn something new or add to a story or invite a friend to play along. Magnetic Tables, Kitchen Creations, Train Table Escapades, Sensory playstations, Theater, Scribble table, Playtents, Games, Light Table, Puzzles. Each day the rooms changes and the excitement builds as the discovery continues to inspire and delight and add to our weekly focus or theme.


Seasonal Themes allow us to be curious about the changing of colors and weather as we look up and down looking for clouds or discovery the color of the Trees wearing dresses made of leaves!  Fall is a magical time to collect leaves or crack open Pomegranates trees or find the squirrels cache of Acorns! We find it all and add to it too! We love all of our tiny park friends and care for them all. In Winter we provide wonderful treats for them to enjoy and in Spring we celebrate all the young who are born and the flowers that pop out to say Hello! Life in the park is beautiful and guides most of the programing themes, naturally.

Unique Themes each season keeps the program fresh, builds vocabulary, expands curiosity and enriches our make believe playtime. Bears, Nursery Rhymes, Nature, Space Exploration and different Cultures are some of the themes that we use to inspire learning and to create. 


We have very few discipline issues given the teacher ratio however we do use Redirection, Supervision, and lots of Coaching if a child shows signs of hurting themselves, someone else or the environment. We always share with you as well so that we can work together as a team.


Playschool is a year-round program 



Starting Ages: 3 - 4+

Signs of Readiness: Age is not the only factor to consider.


Others Signs are:

-Ability to self sooth & communicate basic needs.

-Shows curiosity in the Teacher and mimics adaptive behaviors.

-Endless energy and no longer content to stay home. 

-Ready to go to School like their Older Siblings

-Curious about Potty Training.  We potty train with pull-ups.

-Wants more Socialization Opportunities.


Class Sizes: 8-12 Children. Usually we start small and grow gradually.


SPRING Playschool Session



5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF! 



M, T, TH, F  9:30-12:30.



  9:30- 10:00  Outdoor Playtime, Art & Discovery

10:00- 10:30  Indoor/ Patio Sensory Rooms 

10:30- 10:45  Forest Chores & Potty

10:45- 11:00  Ms Laura Yoga & Snack

11:00- 11:30  Meadow Hike & Game/Sport 

11:30- 12:00. Lunch & Storytime & Potty 

12:00-12:15  Scootering Ramps & Rubel Circle

12:15-12:30  Pick up



Future Sessions will be developed as we move forward  as a community to make sure we feel safe without too much stress planning the future. 




When participating in BeeCamp, or Camplandia your child is required to affirm at time of attending, that she/he is in good health and have not been in contact with anyone experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19 as detailed by the CDC. 



Persons who have a fever of 100.40 (38.00C) or above or other signs of illness should not be admitted to the facility.

Possible COVID-19: Symptoms to not allow entrance into Beeplanet Campus.


Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting



At Beeplanet, Children are allowed to be Children and we the Adults will take all the precautionary steps so they don't have to worry. We have had a great Summer Season and will continue to maintain our standards as follows:

All teachers wear a mask at all times.

Children have an optional choice to wear a mask so they feel in control.

We are not keeping children 6 feet apart however we are maintaining most activities to be outside and in pods of 4-5 children.

Washing hands with Soap and water many times a day. They like the sensation of the soap!

Temperature checks every morning and Daily In Good Health Verification.

All toys are wiped down after usage as well as all common touch surfaces are being wiped down and sanitized as well as all mats. 

Agreement with all those who attend that they will maintain COVID standards while away from Beeplanet to guarantee the safety and well-being of all.

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