Parent & Me




Beeplanet has been growing over 20 years and is so much more than a Parent & Me class due to the community's support! 
Parents  are encouraged to participate, not Caretakers. Beeplanet is sensitive to the needs of those who need help; but continues to support the need for the community to meet one another. Beeplanet is nestled inside Temescal Canyon Gateway Park; the space is a beautiful retreat to explore with your little one. 

Each class has a unique rhythm.  We start inside exploring a range of toys that sparks your child's curiosity. Scribble tables, blocks, cars, musical instruments, puzzles, tunnels, cuddles and more are combined to stimulate your child's need to touch, poke, pull and of course knock it all over. Each week the toys and room changes to keep it fresh.


We then go outside! Sand, dirt, art discovery are some of the centers set up to explore, along with lots of sporting challenges bubble popping and balls. Water play is a regular activity so extra clothes is recommended. Boogie board rides, roller coasters and slides entertain; but walking hand in hand into the garden to feed the birds is one of the best moments at Beeplanet. 


Indoors Snack, Story and Music.  Storytime is an animated ending to Snacktime which leads directly into a musical momment together. Bubbles & dancing, guessing sounds, musical instruments, polkas and waltzes lead us to an active series of lap rides and songs. Ending with loads of stickers!


Strolls at Beeplanet. The park is an amazing place to discover and we do it with ease. During our hike we stop every few minutes for a special activity to do, or songs to sing, or story to tell that keeps your child interested while teaching them how to be comfortable in nature and beable to walk on their own. Snacktime under the oaktree is very special and exploring the creek demands watershoes! All classes go on a stroll at least 2x.


Trial classes are always available! 


Baby BEE

SUGGESTED Ages:12 months - 17 months

Younger ages are also accepted. 


SUGGESTED Ages:18 months - 2 years

Younger children may attend if they are early walkers and no longer exploring toys orally.



SUGGESTED Ages: 2 years-2.6 years

Hiking 4th, 7th, 10th week of session.



Starting Ages: 2.3 years- 3 years old 

Signs of readiness explained on Playschool page.



Ages: 3-5 Year Olds.  

Must have attended Preschool to participate or a separation program in advance of coming to the Camp.  Bridge program recommended for sensitive children.


BRIDGE Summer Camp Program

Ages: Preschoolers

Ease into Summer by taking a baby step thru the Playschool to become familiar with the rhythm of the week starting with 3 days: M,T,Th and then gradually moving to 5 days a week. We help with transitional potty training.


Starting Ages: 5- 6 Year Olds.

Each week a collaboration of Artist and Educators come together with Beeplanet to create and perform a wondrous theater story with an amazing message to learn.