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Come Visit Us!

  1.  Enter Temescal Canyon Park at Sunset Blvd. and Temescal Canyon Rd.                

  2. Drive past YMCA on right, Past the parking lot on the left then drive all the way up to the STOP SIGN. Stop firmly otherwise, $100 ticket.                                

  3. After the STOP sign drive forward past the Kiosk on the right, through the main Parking Lot, then past the Camp store on the right, and thru Woodland circle.                            

  4. Drive forward and veer to the right pathway past the "Authorized Only" sign and drive up into the park. 15 MPH!!!         

  5. You will veer to the left to cross the bridge then immediately park on left side to unload your child to enter Beeplanet which is located on the righthand side within the Mulitcolored Cabins.                  

  6. We have 5 parking spots on left side across from entrance. Do not stay idle on the bridge please wait for a Teacher before crossing the bridge if no space is available.                                                    

  7. Pick up  at Woodland Circle by Campstore.  Beecamp. 3:45-4:00 Camplandia 4:30 Sharp.

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