Why Establishing Separation is Good Practice


As your little ones grow-up they need a safe, loving environment to expand into on their own. Here is an opportunity for your child to play, explore, discover and enjoy some new ways to express themselves independently.

Instead of waiting for the first day of preschool to start this process, where all the dynamics have changed (environment, teacher, routine and classmates), “Beeplanet Transitional Drop-Off” begins with only one change, you leaving, which limits your child’s emotional grief. Creating reminders, such as “Mommy and Daddy always come back” along with practicing separation each week provides a deep foundation of trust between you and your child. This routine will help create a successful pattern to be used as you approach dropping off for the first time at your new pre-school. The emotional bonds and trust created at Beeplanet by taking baby steps will help to pave the way to an easy transition allowing your child to show their true colors instead of  their emotional insecurity.



Ms Laura’s Drop Off Advice


Honesty: I recommend that you are honest with your child that they are going to Beeplanet and that you are not going to stay. It is important that you are firm with your little ones about your intention to leave. Let them know how excited you are for them to stay and play with their friends, and that Ms. Laura will be with them the whole time.


Goodbye’s: If the goodbye becomes difficult, we typically walk outside together and watch you get into your car, wave goodbye, and watch you drive away. If your child is crying please understand that it is new for them and that they are not in pain just confused or frustrated by the lack of control. After reminders that you will be coming back are reinforced, we will go inside and get your child’s comfy out of their cubby and start to play with the others.


Firmness: If your child resists and asks you to stay, be prepared to stay. I will help facilitate you leaving hopefully within 15 minutes. After 20 plus years of experience, I have learned that the tears are really just for you, and disappear once you leave. Remember tears or screaming is a form of communication and it will not cause emotional damage to the well-being of your child. Your child will learn to accept that sometimes parents go away, but always come back. However, in some circumstances I will suggest you stay for the remainder of class. 


What to Bring Each Week (Please label each item):

  • Big Bag to put everything in (Land’s End makes great bags!)

  • Supplies: Extra diapers, pull-ups, sunscreen, and wipes. Please apply sunscreen at home before class. 

  • Complete Change of Clothes: Jacket, shoes (velcro or slip-on, closed toe). If rain is expected, please bring rain clothes and boots. No umbrellas allowed. On hiking days (Wednesdays), please bring long pants and sleeves to avoid irritations and protect skinned knees. Tennis shoes with tread are mandatory.

  • Lunch: (Please include a note or photo for your child to read and share at lunchtime. Please disclose any allergies beforehand. Please pack a toothbrush for after lunch)

  • Comfies: Pillow, blanket, and comfy toy 



Play School Weekly Schedule


At Beeplanet we use a set of routines during our playtime together. We base activities on 15-20 minute increments, providing plenty of time to discover and visit each center. We allow the children to explore in their own way while we provide ideas to extend their involvement to build upon each child’s creativity and curiosity. Activities and layout change each week.  Each week an email reminder of the week's activities will be sent to you to review.


9:15-9:30 - Good Morning! Inside Playtime

Parents Park adjacent to cabin 2. All carrying bags/backpacks, pillows & blankets are placed in the cubbies. Lunches are taken out and placed on top. Toothbrushes are put into the basket. Please invite your child to help you. After 15 minutes, goodbyes begin. 

Open Playcenters (Approaches: Musical, Linguistic, Mathematical, Fantasy, Science)


9:45-10:00 - Potty Focus and Clean-Up 

We encourage a potty break for every child to participate or change pull up diapers. 

We also encourage clean up, and preparing for outdoor play. The children set up their own lunches and we teach them to put on their own shoes and decide if they need a jacket. All good stuff!


10:00-10:45-Morning Dancing Circle and Snack & Storytime. 


10:45-11:00- Scootering

11:00-12:00 Outside Playtime. 

Grass Centers: Art, Sports, Sensory Bins, Roller Coasters and Zen Garden. Nature walks to tend to our flowers and Storyland adventure in our Beeplanet garden.


12:00-12:15 Lunchtime, Indoor Potties

Each week we enjoy lunch together and take a moment to rest and replenish for 15 minutes. During this time, we have conversation about our day and talk. Some children might need to use the potty so they are also open during this time. Afterwards we move into Centers. After 2 hours of playing they are ready to focus!


12:15-12:45 Group Centers, Indoor Potties

Centers provide a more structured opportunity to have your child focus on something more challenging. We visit ABC, Math, Fantasy, Fine Motor, big Puzzles, Construction, Board Games & Feltboard Stories to practice new ideas and thoughts. Every child moves through the centers as a way of becoming more comfortable especially in areas never explored.


12:45 Pick Up Time & Stickers & Goodbyes.


Weekly Variations

Monday Art & Music Focus. Art exploration is so much fun and creating props for our Thursday activities is also exciting and rewarding! Art class is on Mondays & Thursdays and projects grow through out the session and fill the room. Music/Dance Class gets us moving. Using Dancing Props; Popping bubbles; Listening to Sounds; Playing percussion, drumming and flute instruments and finding the beat to let loose and dance.


Tuesday Nature Hikes & Creative Movement Focus. We weave stories along our hikes to the Platform Tree and Sycamore Meadow to engage the children with their natural surroundings. Creative movement is so much fun and allows us to use our imaginations, explore Yoga, Gymanastics as well a Circle games!


Thursday Theater and Language Skills Focus. Each week we grow a story. By retelling our favorite parts of the story add in simple props, we ignite our imaginations and immerse ourselves in language. Each story captures the individuality of each child, and each can play the character they wish! At the end of the session we have a performance that you are invited to come and participate.  In the Fall we go on a Bear Hunt; Winter we enter into the world of Nursery Rhymes; and Springtime we actually launch to the Moon. Summer we go on a Journey Around the World and discover different cultures, foods, stories, art and music.



Classroom Policies


Be on Time: Drop Off time is between 9:00 and 9:30. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes after you park to get to the campus. Playtime is an important part of the Beeplanet Class, and is necessary for your child to enjoy before the more structured class activities. Please be on time for pick up at 12:45PM sharp. From 12:45PM - 1:00PM the children are allowed to play with you and the other families to encourage socialization.  


Illness/Makeup Policy: Lets all stay healthy this season by staying home with our children if they are sick. If your children are sick please contact Ms. Laura to inform that your child will not be attending. Please contact your doctor to find out when it is safe for your child to return. No Makeups.


Parking/Drive-Up Policy: Please drive at no more than 5MPH up the hill to park for drop-off. No parking in front of bathrooms. Parking time adjacent to cabin 2 is limited to 15 mins.