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Why Establishing Separation is Good Practice


As your little ones grow-up they need a safe, loving environment to expand into on their own.

Here is an opportunity for your child to play, explore, discover and enjoy some new ways to express themselves independently.


 The emotional bonds and trust created at Beeplanet by taking baby steps will help to pave the way to an easy transition allowing your child to show their true colors instead of their emotional insecurity.

Socialization along with learning how to manage ones temperament during transitions, remembering how to be polite, taking care of belongings as well as learning how to work as a team is very beneficial. 



Ms Laura’s Drop Off Advice


Honesty: I recommend that you are honest with your child that they are going to Beeplanet and that you are not going to stay. It is important that you are firm with your little ones about your intention to leave. Let them know how excited you are for them to stay and play with their friends, and that Ms. Laura will be with them the whole time.


Goodbye’s: If your child is crying please understand that it is new for them and that they are not in pain just confused or frustrated by the lack of control. We typically watch you get into your car, wave goodbye, and watch you drive away. After reminders that you will be coming back are reinforced, we will go and get your child’s comfy to help redirect and transition your child. They are capable of doing it with our support and encouragement and love!


Firmness: If your child resists and asks you to stay, be prepared to stay. I will help facilitate you leaving hopefully within 15 minutes. After 20 plus years of experience, I have learned that the tears are really just for you, and disappear once you leave. Remember tears or screaming is a form of communication and it will not cause emotional damage to the well-being of your child. Your child will learn to accept that sometimes parents go away, but always come back. However, in some circumstances you might need to stay until trust is established.


What to Bring Each Week

  • Big Bag to put everything in (Land’s End makes great bags!)

  • Supplies: Extra pull-ups (if potty training), sunscreen, and wipes. Sunscreen.

  • Complete Change of Clothes: Shirt, pants, underwear, socks and shoes. You never know! 

  • Lunch:  Please disclose any allergies beforehand. 

  • Comfies: label all toys that come to Beeplanet.

  • Scooter & Helmet ( recommended to bring long pants, tennis shoes)




Play School Weekly Schedule



At Beeplanet we use a set of routines during our playtime together. We base activities on 15-20 minute increments, providing plenty of time to discover and visit each center. We allow the children to explore in their own way while we provide ideas to extend their involvement to build upon each child’s creativity and curiosity. Activities and layout change each week.  Each week an email reminder of the week's activities will be sent to you to review.


  9:30- 10:00  Outdoor Playtime, Art & Discovery

10:00- 10:30  Indoor/ Patio Sensory Rooms 

10:30- 10:45  Forest Chores & Potty

10:45- 11:00  Ms Laura Yoga & Snack

11:00- 11:30  Meadow Hike & Game/Sport 

11:30- 12:00. Lunch & Storytime & Potty 

12:00-12:15  Scootering Ramps & Rubel Circle

12:15-12:30  Pick up

Classroom Policies


Be on Time: Drop Off time is between  9:30-9:45.  Please be on time for pick up at 12:15-12:30


Illness/Makeup Policy: Lets all stay healthy this season by staying home with our children if they are sick. If your children are sick please contact Ms. Laura to inform that your child will not be attending. Please contact your doctor to find out when it is safe for your child to return. No Makeups. Covid Testing will take place daily.


Parking/Drive-Up Policy: Please drive at no more than 15MPH into the park for drop-off. Please do not idle on the bridge and wait for the teacher to wave you forward. Children are exiting cars and crossing the main road with the teacher so please wait your turn and be aware.

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