The weather is beautiful but you still might need layers! 

Easy on-off shoes to move indoors and outdoors! 

Simple Snack (no juice, and please avoid messy snacks)  

Hand wipes! 

Stroller/Push Car/Bike with Handle to make it up the hill to the campus


Beeplanet Classroom Policies & Procedure


Parking: Beeplanet provides discounted parking passes. 7 spaces are available up top and more below by the Campstore. Parking is also available on Temescal Canyon Road. The stroll is beautiful. 


Caretaker Policy: Only with permission can a caretaker bring your child to Beeplanet.                      Both parties must sign all emergency forms and waivers with the understanding that they are fully responsible for the well-being of your child. They must also understand where to park, and what to expect for the day to be prepared. No other children may accompany your caretaker. All personal belongings must be placed in trunk.


Sibling Policy: Siblings may come to class ONLY with permission, no drop ins. 


Guest Policy: Beeplanet welcomes grandparents and spouses to come and visit for the day. 


Be on Time:  Open Playtime is an important part of the Beeplanet Class, and helpful before the more structured class activities.


Illness/Makeup Policy: Let us all stay healthy this season by staying home with our children if they are sick. Temperature test for Covid will be taken and any signs of flu symptoms will also be noted prior to entrance to Beeplanet. Allergies must be noted prior to attending Beeplanet.


Rainy Day Policy: Classes will run on a rainy day! Make sure to bring raingear so that once the rain stops we can go puddle-womping. Bring a towel and change of clothing!


 Potty Etiquette: Please provide a changing mat to change your child outside on the patio. I recommend pull ups when coming to Beeplanet so to beable to practice sitting on the potty while being changed. The potty is child size which is perfect for them to feel comfortable.

Toys In Mouth: Please supervise and redirect your child as to another way to use the toy, shift your child’s attention to a different activity, or change your environment ( indoors or outdoors) to shift their persistence. 


Art Table: Please engage with your child in these activities; it is a tremendous part of the learning process. Remember, there is no wrong way to do art. Have fun with it! Please remember to put the caps and lids back onto the supplies.


Outdoor Campus: One of the beautiful, treasured aspects of Beeplanet’s campus is its location in nature. This allows for the freedom to play without boundaries, however, this brings an extra responsibility. Please accompany your child at all times! The space is beautiful but there are Squirrels, Snakes, Owls, Butterflies, Birds, Deer, Coyotes, and lots and lots of bugs and flowers... Lets be respectful of the environment, and learn to redirect when necessary.  


Activities- Last 5 minutes: At the beginning of class your child gets to determine what they want to do during the 20 minutes open play time. Most often they choose what is familiar. With 5 minutes to go before clean up, I will recommend that you encourage your child to try something they have not explored... This last 5 minutes is a wonderful way for you to guide your child gently towards an activity that they might enjoy with your encouragement.


Cell Phones, Snack Time and Circle Time

  • Please have Cell phones on Vibrate. Parents please use quiet voices as we transition into the room. This helps settle the children immediately! Its okay that your child wants to move around; we encourage curiosity. 

  • Please brings a snack to enjoy with your child and for potential sharing. Please advise of any allergies prior to enrollment so we may alert other parents. Sometimes offering to sample or make a trade encourages awareness and social skills. 

  • If your child is overwhelmed and starts to cry during Circle time, please comfort them by walking away from the circle for a private one-on-one moment with your child. This is the best way to soothe. Once your child has settled, invite your child to participate and come back to the circle.

  • Please no talking during Storytime and Music. We are teaching adaptive behaviors and this is not helpful. I cannot compete with you. Circle time is broken down into 2 minute increments: Snacktime, Storytime, Bubbles, Discover the Sound. Instruments. Dancing. Bah Bah Bears. Sing along.