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Meet Beeplanet's Favorite  Staff!


Each invidual brings their own unique and creative energy to Beeplanet!

Laura Berk aka "Ms. Laura"

Ms. Laura is the heart and soul of Beeplanet. She is both the lead teacher and founder of Beeplanet. Learn more about Ms. Laura's history here!


Beeplanet Founder 1997.

Drew Nelson

Drew Nelson is currently a working actor and is Beeplanet’s coach, play friend, Skateboard King, Hiking Guide & Shipmate, as well as the lead in all of our plays. Working with Drew is inspirational and fun for all who capture his joy in make-believe. He helps the children loosen up and interact with storytelling by being the biggest kid of them all!


Beeplanet Staff since September 2008.

Bibi Kintaudi

Bibi is the heartbeat at Beeplanet! Her deep understanding of children from years of experience tending to newborns, on up to her own, has made her Beeplanet's Playschool whisperer. Her smile is brilliant and energy abundant. Always truthful, Bibi is a true guide for so many children.


Beeplanet Staff Since September 2009 

Ladan Tahari-Tehrani

Ladan Tahari-Tehrani is currently earning her Masters Degree at Pepperdine University as an MFT and is a gentle source of energy, creativity and love. Her ability to play and care for the children so lovingly has added a great sense of joy and enthusiasm to Beeplanet. Ladan’s passion for crafting and art has made everyone an artist! 

Beeplanet Staff since June 2013.

Whitney DuPree

Whitney DuPree is originally from Florida. She graduated from UCF with a degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue her long time dream of being an actress, having completed her education. In her free time and at Beeplanet, she loves being outdoors and hiking. Whitney's playful and energetic spirit makes story time come alive! Beeplanet Staff since January 2015.

Lexie Saenz

Lexie Saez is originally from Denver, CO, Lexie recently graduated from CalArts with a degree in Dance. While pursuing a professional career in dance and other performing arts, she also dreams of becoming an activist for Native Americans. Lexie's bright and loving personality is contagious! Beeplanet Staff since September 2014.

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