All Paperwork must be Completed

Payment  & Waivers 

Everything must be Labeled in Advanced.

Scooters, Bags, Lunches, Swim Towels & Suits


One family photo to put into cubby, photo copy is fine. Holiday Card! 


Beeplanet for the summer will be moving further into the park to have a private campus with separate bathrooms for each classroom, a secure gate, and more privacy than our usual site. The location will allow more outdoor space so that children have more freedom to roam and play with more shade!  

What To Bring Each Week: 


A Big Bag 

to put everything in (Land’s End makes great bags!)


Complete Change of Clothes Including Socks

inside a labeled ziplock baggie. 

Tennis shoes with Velcro or slip on. No shoe laces.


Wipes & Undies no Pull-ups

Inside a labeled bag with a package of wipes.

Pull -Ups is fine we help with Potty training!


Lunch & Waterbottle with Attached Straw

Planetbox has great bento lunch boxes easy to open. one latch.

No Sweets or Juice or Messy foods ( Rice, Yogurt, Soup, Shredded cheese)

Bees are an issue at Beeplanet and they love juice!


Comfy from Home Inside Bag

Toys & books & Comfies are allowed but not too many and please not too big!




Closed Toes Shoes For Hiking! Just Bring them in Bag.

Also Pants for sliding or tree climbing.

Sunscreen Apply Before


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Art Day. Messy Clothes



Swimming Suit : Wear or Bring Swim suit & Towel.

Splash Pools!


Friday   Theater Performance & Celebration & Dress up & Face Painting.

 Weekly Schedule 

At Beeplanet we use a set of routines during our playtime together.

We base activities on 15-20 minute increments, providing plenty of time to discover each center.

Children will be able to explore in their own way while learning new ideas to build upon their curiosity. 

Activities and layout change each week but the rhythm stays the same. 


Morning Drop Off Times
 9:30 Cue at Gate.
There will be 4 spots available to park and unload.
Before you arrive you will be asked to wait by a Beeplanet Staff member until asked to drive up and drop off.
We will bring in the Drop off the bag with the lunch & water & picture inside.
At the Door your child will have a Temperature Scan.
You will Sign a Health Waiver.
Wipe hands & Say goodbye!
ALL ADULTS: Do Not Enter without a MASK!
 9:45 Cue at Gate. Pull to the far left in front of the gate and park. 
You can spend 15 minutes if needed.
Transition into the Campus you must wear a Mask.
A Beeplanet Staff member will help with the Bag and Bridge into the Camp.
2 Group Sizes- 10-12 Children

9:30-10:00  Indoor Play Centers & Forest Center
Indoor Focus: Instrumental, Dramatic, Linguistic, Mathematical, Fantasy, Science
Forest Focus:  Discovery, Bird feeding, Watering Garden, Art, Storyland


10:00-10:30 Bathrooms & Scootering & Snack

We encourage a potty break for every child either using the inside potties or the outdoor facilities.

Potty Training is part of what we do. No Diapers only Pull ups.

Snack is usually a Cereal or Popcorn, Crackers , Muffins & or Fruit slices

Scootering is around the campus and practicing breaking down the Hill. Supervised.


10:30-11:00 Indoor Play Centers.& Forest Center
Indoor Focus: Instrumental, Dramatic, Linguistic, Mathematical, Fantasy, Science
Forest Focus:  Discovery, Bird feeding, Watering Garden, Art, Storyland

2 Centers:  20 minute Activities 



                 MONDAY:         Theater Storytime with Kathie                                                                                                                                   Outdoor Play Area: Arts & Crafts, Sports Activity & Potty


                TUESDAY:          Drumming With Ben                                                                                                                                                Ms Laura Movement & Potty

               WEDNESDAY:    Music: Tia    

                                         Outdoor Play Area: Arts & Crafts, Sports Activity & Potty

               THURSDAY:      Swimming & Potty 


                FRIDAY:           Camplandia  Show & Potty


Lunch & Potty & Storyland



Hike Down to WOODLAND TERRACE for Pick up





Directions to Woodland Terrace

Drive into the park. Stop at the stop sign firmly.

Drive forward

Pass the Camp Store and drive up to the the Circle to pick up your child.

Classroom Policies


Be on Time 

You may always pick up earlier with notice!



Illness & Makeup Policy 

Lets all stay healthy this season by staying home with our children if they are sick.

If your children are sick please contact Ms. Laura to inform that your child will not be attending.  

We will stay with your child and comfort them until you arrive.


Parking/Drive-Up Policy 

Please drive at no more than 5 MPH up the hill to park for drop-off.

No parking in front of bathrooms.

Parking time adjacent to cabin 2 is limited to 15 mins. 

Remember to STOP at all STOP signs to avoid a hefty ticket!!!



 Prior to coming to Beeplanet please apply sunscreen.

IF you need more time please arrive at the later 9:15 time slot to have more time transitioning.

I will always greet you at the door and welcome you!

If your child is having a difficult time saying goodbye, I will walk you and your child to the car.

We will wave goodbye to you and then go find their comfy in their bag and reconnect them to the teacher they were playing with inside. Tears normally last just for a minute before everyone moves onto playing.



At Beeplanet we rarely have discipline issues given our 3:1 teacher ratio; but we do Supervise, Coach and Redirect a child if they are going to harm themselves, someone else or the environment. These types of interactions normally do not last for longer than a couple of minutes and we always reintegrate the children back into the play environment with lots of new suggestions for socialization.