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Beeplanet Babysitting Staff

Genna Moroni

As Ms. Laura's daughter, Genna was the inspiration behind Beeplanet. She has been a part of Beeplanet's classroom from the age of 12, branching into babysitting at 16, and continuing to manage Beeplanet's Office as it grew into a babysitting agency. Genna has been an integral part in Beeplanet's growth both in and out of the classroom. She performs all client matching and coordinating, in addition to overseeing the babysitters' well-being. 


Genna graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA in 2012 as a World Arts and Cultures/Dance major, and minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education. As a dancer, Genna has had an extensive career, traveling to Israel, Seattle, and back to Los Angeles with Ate9 Dance Company. She is currently a dancer for Ate9. 

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