Beeplanet Play Programs

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 Beeplanet's Play Programs  are carefully designed so that you and your child 

can explore, play and learn Through using Art, Music, Nature, Storytelling, Sports, Dress Up,  Waterplay and more all at your own pace and in your own way.


Parent & Me

P&Me programs enjoy Indoor & Outdoor activities during a private hour and half program nestled 

inside the beautiful Temescal Canyon Gateway Park.

P&Me allows for plenty of time to explore, make new friends, enjoy the beauty and breathe. Easy parking.

Each week the room changes along with the Storytime & Musical Circletimes and Easy hiking adventures.

P&Me is a program that is also a natural first step before starting the Playschool.



As your child becomes older and needs more stimuli, structure & guidance,

 Playschool provides a perfect, transitional 2 then gradual 3 day a week gentle program.

Aside from exploring, playing, dancing, socializing and creating magical playtimes together we also 

practice self-responsibility and teamwork from clean up Transitions; Potty Training;  opening  lunches; putting on Shoes, Scootering and learning Socialization skills.

Each Season, We Grow.

During Fall, we grow emotionally, as we learn how to say goodbye honestly.

In January, The New Year, We explode into language development & communication.

Springtime, we really focus our minds and look up and learn about our Solar System.

Summertime we enjoy CAMP and have a blast!






Bridge Camps

Bridge Camp allows new children to ease into Beeplanet gently.

Our 3:1 Ratio allows plenty attention, love and support!

M,T,TH. 9:15-12:45

Separation has to have already been practiced.


 Bee Camp

A Wondrous, Indoor & Outdoor, Play Program designed with Story themes and creative activities to inspire curiosity and encourage exploring! Perfect for Preschoolers.

9:15-1:15 M-F. (3 & 4 yrs old )


Camplandia Summer Musical Theater Camp gathers together Artist and Educators, Musicians, Dancers, and Beeplanet around one story to produce a weekly production.

Intertwined are lesson about Honesty, Loyalty, Acceptance of ones self & Friendship.

9:00-2:00 M-F. (5 yrs old )


Beeplanet was established in 1997, Pacific Palisades, Temescal Canyon Park