Play Programs

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Beeplanet's Play Programs & Camps are carefully designed so that everyone can explore, play and learn through using Art, Music, Nature, Storytelling, Sports, Dress Up, Waterplay and more all at your own pace and in your own way. 



P&Me programs enjoy Indoor & Outdoor activities during a private hour and half program nestled inside the beautiful Temescal Canyon Gateway Park.

P&Me allows for plenty of time to explore, make new friends, enjoy the beauty and breathe.     Each week the room changes along with the Storytime & Musical Circle & dancing times and every third week we go on an Easy hiking adventures.

Parking is very Convenient.

P&Me also serves as a bridge program into the Playschool

Wed: 9:30-11:00



Bridge allows you and your child to ease into Beeplanet Playschool gently and to determine when you are ready to separate. By participating in the program both you and your child are introduced to the rhythm and flow and gradually are able to adapt and feel more comfortable. We practice separating when the children go outside to go scootering and then do their forest chores.            The goal is for everyone to want to stay longer. 

Recommended to make sure that the program is the right fit for your family goals.

M,TH. 9:15-11:15



As your child becomes older and needs more stimuli, structure & guidance,

 Playschool provides a perfect, transitional 2 then gradual 3 day a week gentle program.

Aside from exploring, playing, dancing, socializing and creating magical playtimes together we also practice self-responsibility and teamwork from clean up Transitions; Potty Training;  opening  lunches; putting on Shoes, Scootering and learning Socialization skills. 




During Fall, We grow emotionally, as we learn how to say goodbye and feel secure. Lots of Bah Bah Bear stories to tell and games to play as we get ready for our Teddy Bear Picnic Party!


Wintertime, We celebrate the New Year in Rhyme as We explode into language development & communication playing Humpty Dumpty & Jack n Jill games, and exploring Old Mac Donald and searching for Bo Peeps missing sheep, run into Itzy and finally find Little Boy Blue.  


Springtime, 5,4,3,2,1 We blast off to the Moon and become Astronauts.  We learn to look up! Learning about our Solar System, Rockets, Clouds, Stars and Planet Earth which we know is just right! And of course, we meet Aliens  a long the way and have to learn how to communicate! 

M, T, TH 9:15-12:45



Playschool bridges through out the year into Bee Explorer Camp during the Holiday Breaks!

 During these times siblings can come too! New friends and new teachers add to the mix! Theater Teacher Kathie comes and so Does Village Arts Ben and Stephanie Drumming and Dancing. For those in the Playschool it is quite amazing the growth that takes place during this short amount of time when the older (3-5 yr) children come to play too! 

Scootering Improves, Engaging in Storytime improves, Using the potty improves. Learning new ways to play and stories to tell. Interaction with me improves. Interdependence grows!

Winter. Spring & Summer Camps area available to those with in the Playschool.

M, T, TH, F  9:15-1:15






 Bee Explorer Camp (31/2 & 5yrs old )

A Wondrous, Indoor & Outdoor, Play Program designed with Story themes that take you around the World and creative activities to inspire curiosity and encourage exploring! Perfect for Preschoolers. We travel all the continents of our Earth learning about new cultures and stories and explore the sounds, taste and art along the way. Summertime is a Celebration and also a chance to meet new Teachers. Theater Teacher Kathie, Village Arts Dan & Stephanie with Drumming and Dance and More! 9:30-1:30 M-F.

CAMPLANDIA SUMMER CAMP (51/2,& Gentle 6, 7 yrs old )

Camplandia  Musical Theater Camp gathers together Artist and Educators, Musicians, Dancers, and Beeplanet around one story to produce a weekly production. 

Intertwined are lesson about Honesty, Loyalty, Acceptance of ones self & Friendship.

9:00-2:45. Earlier Pick up times are available with notice at 1:30 with the Younger Camp.